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Residential Care Manager

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My Choice Children's Homes


£33,072 to £40,000 per annum - plus pension and benefits

Full Time

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My Choice Children’s Homes Were founded in January 1999 and have recently celebrated 20 years of providing residential care for ‘Looked After Children’ and have established an environment that is child orientated and needs led. We provide positive life enhancing opportunities for young people who are unable to sustain a placement in parental homes, foster homes or conventional children’s homes.  We now have an opportunity which has come about through internal promotion, for a Residential Care Manager.

Purpose of the role

The overall management of the home as a whole, including the staff team, the welfare of the young people in our care, the house budget and the resources and fabric of the home and maintenance of good practices of care as required by the company and Ofsted.

Duties and responsibilities include:

  • To ensure compliance with Ofsted and meet Children’s Homes Regulations 2015 and in line with the Homes Statement of Purpose.
  • To undertake the management role within the staff team, showing strong leadership skills and the ability to support others during a period of unsettlement.
  • To promote the welfare and development of the young people.
  • To safeguard the young people in and outside of the home.
  • To ensure that the young people’s needs are recognised and met. This includes ensuring that they are free from discrimination within the home and to challenge discrimination from outside the home.
  • To ensure that the home provides a nurturing environment that is safe and sensitive to the needs of young people being looked after.
  • To ensure that the home meets the needs of the individual young people and the needs of the group.
  • To use the home as a model to support and develop the social skills of the young people.
  • To manage the home in compliance with the ethos of the company in providing a homely environment that is enjoyable and stimulating for each young person.
  • To ensure that the admission of the young people is welcoming and reflects the expectations of the care plan.
  • To ensure that the duration of the young person’s stay complies with the ethos of the company and follows the required care plan.
  • To ensure that when the young person comes to leave the home that this is done sensitively and within company guidelines.
  • To ensure that the young people when confronted with stressful situations or crisis are offered appropriate support and to ensure that the staff team is offered support in dealing with these situations, by taking the leading role with a strong vision.
  • To oversee and participate in the development, implementation and monitoring of the individual young people’s care plans.
  • To regularly review all young people’s care plans.
  • To develop and maintain good working relationships with parents, social workers, schools and other professionals concerned with the welfare of the young people.
  • To ensure that specific needs are met i.e. religious observance, culturally significant needs, dietary requirements, all health/medical needs ensuring required medication/ treatment is provided.
  • To implement, monitor and maintain the prescribed and non prescribed medication for the home. To ensure security of storage, accuracy of dispensation and record keeping, in line with Children’s Homes Regulations 2015/ Ofsted requirements, to meet each young person’s health and medication requirements.
  • To ensure that each young person is able to take responsibility for their actions within their understanding as can be reasonably expected of them according to their age and ability.
  • To ensure that they are informed of their rights and responsibilities enabling them to take greater control of their lives.
  • To provide ongoing support to young people who have left our care as appropriate.
  • To provide leadership, guidance and management of the staff team.
  • To be involved in the monitoring and where necessary the discipline of staff.
  • To ensure that all members of staff receive regular supervision.
  • To ensure that all staff are appraised in line with Children’s Homes Regulations 2015
  • To be involved in the recruitment of staff.
  • To ensure that staff attends the company’s internal training scheme and to provide house-based training as needed.
  • To maintain good communication systems, including handovers, staff meetings, log books and regular meetings with Directors or their representative.
  • To personally supervise and appraise directly accountable staff.
  • To be concerned for the welfare of the staff offering support at times of stress, praising work completed and monitoring performance including sickness absence.
  • To support the Senior Managers or Directors with any other duties as required.
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How to apply for this job